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Anyone who’s ever experienced the stress of everyday life knows that having hobbies can be a real life-saver. Adopting a regular past-time can help fight the blues, keep you healthy, and invigorate your mind and body.  Doing an activity you enjoy can literally add years onto your life.

There’s a reason why hobbies are so essential to your well-being.  Many people report feeling unusually calm, cool, and collected after engaging in their favorite activity. Doing an activity that you love has proved to have effects similar to that of meditation. Allowing the mind to focus on a single activity brings peace and comfort to a stressed-out mind.

There are many different types of hobbies you can choose to engage in. Some of them are quite physical, including rollerblading, running, and hiking, and others are more sedentary, such as reading, collecting, and watching movies.  But they all enable you to find your way to a different world, where you are able to think and hope and dream, and escape the realities of everyday life.


One great thing about having a hobby is that you have the opportunity to meet other people with the same passion as you.  Most cities host a variety of clubs and organizations that appeal to a wide range of people. So if you are interested in taking up a hobby, you may want to check out those options first.  They can help guide you toward a past-time that is both exciting and rewarding.

By a hobby, we mean a pursuit or occupation which is not directly connected with one's duties or business. This pursuit or occupation is pursued generally in spare time and for the sake of the pleasure and joy which it provides. Profit motive is completely absent in such a pursuit. Enjoying ability and creativeness are the two chief characteristics of a hobby.

The present machine age has placed enough leisure time at the disposal of man. Every prudent man would like to make the best use of this opportunity. Hobbies provide a good opportunity to make use of leisure time. Childhood is the best time to choose a hobby and a good selection always brings happiness and joy to an individual.

There being differences in tastes, temperaments and interests, no single hobby can suit everybody. We pick up a hobby which has a special appeal for us.

A man's inner self is expressed during hobby hours. To some, these help in preparing for a vocation like painting and photography.

Some of the hobbies like stamp collecting, writing and gardening, etc., supplement class work. These hobbies introduce an element of 'play' in class work.

To some, hobbies help in providing mental relief from the worries of life.

Different Types of Hobbies:

(a) Collections of all sorts, e.g., pictures, stamps, coins, feathers, nature collections, objects, minerals etc.

(b) Handwork of various types such as paper-mache, card-board, clay modeling, toy making, printing, cookery, knitting, spinning and weaving, book-binding, flower-making etc.

(c) Skills such as electrical and mechanical repairs, carpentry, plaster work, cane weaving etc.

(d) Gardening, keeping of domestic pets and birds, tree planting etc.

The Selection of a Hobby

The following points should be observed in selecting leisure time hobbies:

(i) They should provide recreation.

(ii) They should have a good effect upon the personality of an individual.

(iii) They should cater to the needs of adolescent nature.

(iv) They should provide for the development of mentally healthy attitudes.

(v) They should conform to the accepted social tenets.

(vi) They should be closely connected with environment and past traditions of the community.

(vii) They should be inexpensive as far as possible.

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