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Dieting and Weight Loss

Millions of people are looking for the best dieting and weight loss plans. Slim means sexy these days. Besides, all other things being equal slim people are at lower risk of heart disease and cancer. Use five essential principles for evaluating each program that you come across. These will help you pick the best diet for you.

Evaluate how the diet works. Most diets work by reducing the daily calorie intake. That way, the stored fat in the body is transformed to be used as energy which you do not get with calories from food. However, some programs use more complex methods such as reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates and increased consumption of proteins.

According to physicians, the best dieting and weight loss plan is the one that allows you to lose weight without depriving you of the optimal amounts of nutrients that you need. When evaluating a program, you should check the recommended daily allowances for all nutrients and ensure they will be provided. In addition, the reduction in the calorie intake should be healthy and not drastic.

Dieting and Weight Loss

Assess the comprehensiveness of the diet plan. Some plans are really basic and tell you only which types of foods to eat, what amounts to take and when. Others are more comprehensive and give you recipes to prepare. They come with recommendations on snacks, replacement foods and drinks. There are more flexible plans that even give you a choice of foods. There are also those that come with a variety of tools such as calorie charts and calculators that allow you to choose which foods to eat provided that they meet certain criteria.

How much weight will you lose and how quickly will this happen? It is best to check any statistical data available on the average amount of weight lost by participants. It is equally important to get information on how many people complete the program successfully. It is crucial for the program to be realistic when it comes to the weight loss rate.

How safe is the diet? A program is safe when it gives you all the nutrients which you need and a sufficient amount of calories for your body to function normally every day. It is safest when the weight loss is gradual. It is best for you to lose between 1 and 2 pounds a week. It is safe when it is approved by your doctor especially in case you are obese and/or chronically ill.

Consider any complementary elements to the diet. The main ones include exercise, supplements and after-diet programs.

Dieting and Weight Loss

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